What am I going to do?

Something bad just happened, and now you have to decide your next move. What did you do and how are you going to get yourself out of it?

Is it a complex murder or did you accidentally tell your crush you love them? Were you framed? Were there any witnesses? Did you tell anyone about what you did?

Be creative and have fun!


Without goodbyes

Today write about someone leaving. Are they leaving by choice or are they being forced? Are they leaving a relationship? Their home? Do they take or tell anyone they are going?

There are thousands of possibilites! Good luck and have fun!


Photo negative

You find a box of negatives up in an old attic. Do you have them printed? What is on them? Are they old family photos or something more sinister? What do you do with them now?

Be creative and have fun!


That godforsaken aerial

Today, write about someone who, having been awoken in the middle of the night, goes out for a midnight jog, and finds themselves utterly and completely alone. Depending on where you place this character, this can be typical or completely baffling.

What is the character’s first reaction upon their discovery? Do major facilities (power, water, etc.) still work? Do they wait for sunrise to discover the rest of the day?

Have fun!


The craters in your face

Today’s prompt asks you to, once again, dive into the world of the unusual for your artistic inspiration. Write about someone’s face (not necessarily someone you know) as if it were a natural landmark, being shaped and shifted by the elements over time.

Alternatively, take the title and completely run with it! Have fun!


Missing histories

Today, we’re able to record anything and everything. Why do phones come with cameras, voice recorders, note-taking applications, and many more? Though higher-end cameras can run into the thousands of dollars, many people today opt for a lower-end, yet entirely functional “point-and-shoot,” in order to record memories wherever they see fit. Multiple photo-sharing websites such as flickr, imgur, Photobucket, and others serve as a way to upload and preserve these memories for as long as the server space allows. 50 years ago, perhaps even as early as 30 years ago, this simply wasn’t possible, not without a professional’s access to equipment and processing stations.

Today’s prompt asks you to consider what would happen if the collective physical memory of someone simply disappeared. Though people can still remember (and see this person), all photos, certificates, official documents, etc., have vanished.

What does that mean for anyone attempting to navigate today’s increasingly connected world? Who would be affected the most by it? What sort of meaning do photos really have?



I waited in the rain for you

Today’s prompt is precisely as you would think: write a story (or poem) about someone who waited for far too long in the rain, and their thoughts about it afterward. The narrator can be waiting for another’s train running late, or just outside another’s house, waiting for them to come out.



Today, imagine a major metropolitan area that has been utterly wiped clean of any and all brands, leaving the citizens to either construct their own renditions thereof, or simply leave the blank space as is. This means that where there would not only be billboards but logos, trademarks, anything that uniquely identifies a company, would be replaced with a completely white space, free for anyone to draw and recreate it.

Are there those who couldn’t go a few city blocks without be assaulted with colourful and invasive advertisements? Are there those that would only seek to deface and twist existing versions thereof? What distinguishes companies from one another that could quite easily be interchanged?

Enjoy the rather blank mental image!


Foot traffic

Today, write about someone who has an immense phobia. This can be a child who fears spiders, someone who walks the fifteen kilometers to work every day because they fear vehicles. 

Is there a support group for such sufferers of various extreme phobias? Is it obvious there is a problem? How does one cope daily?


All too human

Today, write about someone who, as a form of a mid-life crisis, has to come to the grips that they really are human. Perhaps someone stuck in the idea that they are an invincible businessman, coming across as a adolescent manchild, or someone experiencing death for the first time in their life. For someone who seeks avoidance to life’s problems, forcing someone to stare them down every now and then might be good for them.

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